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RainDance Technologies is making complex genetics simple. The company’s ultra-sensitive genomic tools are leading to new non-invasive liquid biopsy applications for more accurate, reliable, cost-effective and early detection of cancer, inherited and infectious diseases. Major research institutions and laboratories around the world rely on RainDance systems’ superior performance. Based in Billerica, Massachusetts, the company supports customers using RainDrop Digital PCR and ThunderStorm Targeted DNA Sequencing Systems through its international sales and service operations as well as a global network of distributors and commercial service providers.

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Targeted Sequencing System
The RainDance Targeted Sequencing System enables customers to apply Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), the gold-standard technique to target a specific region of the genome, more cost-effectively and at higher-throughput using any next-generation sequencer. The RainDance ThunderStorm™ System is a fully automated, high-throughput targeted sequencing solution that enables researchers to process more samples per day and generates higher-quality data faster than ever before. The system features true walkaway capabilities, automatically processing up to 96 samples and accessing up to eight different primer panels. The ThunderStorm System leverages RainDance’s proven single-molecule picodroplet PCR technology that generates millions of unique picodroplet PCR reactions, enabling scientists to target up to 20,000 genomic loci in a single sample. The RainDance ThunderStorm System combines premium performance and a proven technology platform to deliver unprecedented daily sample throughput with the most attractive running economics and minimal hands-on time.
The RainDance RDT 1000 is a fully automated Low-to-Medium-Throughput Sequencing System that represents a true break-through for accelerating the targeted sequencing of the human genome. As a center piece to RainDance’s target enrichment sequencing solution systems, the RDT 1000 plays a critical role in an efficient targeted sequencing workflow. The RDT 1000 incorporates RainDance’s pico-droplet-based technology, which uses the gold-standard single-plex PCR, to amplify hundreds to thousands of genomic loci with high specificity and uniformity. The system is ideal for small to medium size NGS projects with the capability of running up to 10 samples per day and works with all next generation sequencers.
Digital PCR
Built on RainDance’s patented and proven RainStorm™ picodroplet technology, the RainDrop™ System generates up to 10 million picoliter-sized droplets per lane. Since each droplet encapsulates a single molecule, researchers can quickly determine the absolute number of droplets containing specific target DNA and compare that to the number of droplets with background wild-type DNA. The RainDrop System also shifts the current digital PCR (dPCR) paradigm from a single-color-per-marker approach to a two color with varying probe intensity method that is capable of multiplexing up to 10 markers.