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Analytik Jena is a provider of instruments and products in the areas of analytical measuring technology, life science, and optoelectronics. Its portfolio includes the most modern analytical technology, complete systems for bioanalytical applications in the life science area, and high-end optical consumer products. Comprehensive laboratory software management and information systems (LIMS), service offerings, as well as device-specific consumables and disposables, such as reagents or plastic articles, complete the Group’s extensive range of products.

The Life Science product area demonstrates the biotechnological competence of Analytik Jena (AJ) AJ provides a wide product spectrum for automated total, as well as individual, solutions for molecular diagnostics.

The products are focused to offer a quality and the reproducibility of the laboratory results. This will surely ease the daily work and speed up the work processes in a certain way. All together AJ support through the complete process of the lab work. Besides AJ offer customized solutions and are able to adapt AJ products to the desired need. The wide product spectrum is made possible through the synergism between Analytik Jena, Biometra and CyBio.

Speed, precision, flexibility and innovation characterize the instruments manufactured by Analytik Jena AG. The company supplies total automated as well as individual solutions for your bio-laboratory applications. AJ offers the perfect instrument for every step in the modern laboratory work and sees as a provider for complete solutions.

Mixing & Homogenization - Rocking, Tumbling, Rotating - for your very special application.
  • Thermal Mixer & Thermal Block,
  • Hybradization Ovens,
  • Rocking Platforms & Tumbling Tables
  • Homogenization
Automated Extraction - Flexible and efficient systems for fully automated isolation of nucleic acids.
  • Innupure® C16
  • Innupure® C96
Spectrophotometer - Nano-volume spectrophotometer - Reliable, versatile and robust
  • ScanDrop
Liquid Handling - A perfect solution for daily pipetting routines which do not legitimate the use of a hugh pipetting robot.
  • GeneTheatre
  • SELMA 96 / 384
Thermal Cycler and Real-Time Thermal Cycler - In less than 25 minutes whole real-time PCR plots can be monitored and analyzed with integrated software qPCRsoft.
  • Real-Time rapidPCR
  • Real-Time PCR
  • rapidPCR
  • Standard PCR
Electrophoresis and Blotting - Offers a comprehensive range of instruments for separation of proteins and related techniques.
  • Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
  • Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis
  • Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
  • Sequencing Gels
  • Power Supplies
  • Blotting
BioImaging - Systems are designed for a wide range of applications depending on the system and camera configurations.
  • Gel Documentation
  • Chemiluminescence
General Lab/Laboratory Equipment - In this part frequently needed general laboratory instruments are included.
  • PCR UV Cabinets & Workstations
  • Crosslinker
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Thermostat

Reagents for molecular biology

Analytik Jena offers a comprehensive range of kits for nucleic acid isolation as well as enzymes, reagents and additives. Analytik Jena also focus on protein analysis and molecular diagnostic kits.

  • Manual Nucleic Acid Isolation
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction Using a Homogenizer
  • Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction
  • Extraction control
  • Epigenomic - solutions and kits

Reagents for molecular biology

  • PCR: polymerases and master mixes
  • cDNA synthesis: RT enzymes and reagents
  • dNTP’s, DNA ladders, buffers and additives
  • Real-time PCR: master mixes


  • Human diagnostics
  • Sepsis
  • Food quality control
  • Environmental analysis
  • Diagnostics for tick-born diseases
  • Antibodies and proteins
  • Veterinary diagnostics
  • Sepsis Diagnosis

Consumables / Accessoires

  • Microplates, Tubes, Strips and Foils
  • Consumables for Electrophoresis & Blotting
  • Pipetting Tips
  • Consumables for KingFisher®systems
  • Adapter and blocks for FasTrans and GeneTheatre

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