About Us


Founded in the mid-1970s as a collective of scientists committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry, New England Biolabs is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.Created "by scientists for scientists", NEB is renowned for consistently providing exceptional product quality and unsurpassed technical support. For nearly four decades, NEB has been shaping the landscape of bioscience research by discovering, developing and supporting superior research reagents. In addition to NEB’s commitment to scientific innovation and customer relations, NEB notably ensures the environmental sustainability of the company’s business practices.

A supplier-of-choice for scientists across the globe, NEB offers the largest selection of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research. While restriction enzymes remain part of our core product portfolio, our everexpanding catalog also includes products related to PCR, gene expression, cellular analysis, RNA analysis and epigenetics. Currently, NEB supplies over 276 restriction enzymes. These recombinant enzymes are available at a lower cost/unit and offer improved purity and lot-to-lot consistency. A recognized leader in the field of restriction enzymes, NEB has earned a world-wide reputation for setting the highest standards for quality and value.


Restriction Endonucleases
New England Biolabs offers a restriction endonuclease for virtually any DNA digestion.

PCR, Polymerases & Amplification Technologies
NEB supplies high quality reagents for all your PCR applications.

DNA Modifying Enzymes & Cloning Technologies
Optimize your cloning experiments with NEB’s rigorously validated DNA modifying enzymes.

Library Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing
NEB offers a series of highly pure reagents for use in DNA and RNA sample preparation.

Markers & Ladders
New England Biolabs sells a wide range of DNA, RNA and protein markers and ladders for your electrophoresis needs.

RNA Reagents
Explore NEB's growing array of reagents for all your RNA research needs.

Gene Expression
NEB offers several gene expression tools for DNA, RNA and protein transfection of many cell lines, including primary endothelial and epithelial cells.

Cellular Analysis
New England Biolabs offers an innovative technology for studying the function and localization of proteins in living and fixed cells. Covalent protein labeling offers simplicity and versatility to the imaging of mammalian proteins in live cells, as well as the ability to capture proteinsin vitro.

Analyze modifications to DNA and its associated proteins, histones and chromatin using New England Biolab's exceptional Epimark® reagents, enzymes, antibodies and DNA controls for Epigenetics research.

Protein Expression & Purification Technologies
Find out more about NEB's growing range of protein expression and purification systems.

Competent Cells
NEB provides competent E.coli and yeast cells for your transformation and protein expression needs.

Protein Tools
New England Biolabs offers a suite of protein tools designed with your protein manipulation requirements in mind.

Several classes of glycans can be isolated and analyzed via enzymatic treatment with glycosidases or heparinases provided by New England Biolabs.

DNA Plasmids
NEB offers a selection of common plasmids and DNAs for use in cloning experiments.