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The MerMade family of DNA / RNA synthesizers have been used to synthesize millions of high quality oligonucleotides across a broad range of applications. Our oligonucleotide synthesizers are flexible enough to fit a wide variety of DNA synthesis and RNA synthesis applications including gene synthesis, PCR, RNAi, dual labeled probes, microarrays, sequencing, and antisense experiments. Whether your DNA or RNA synthesizer requirements are a few custom oligos a week or several thousand a day we have a MerMade that will fit your needs.

The MerMade's reliability, high throughput synthesis, cost efficient use of chemicals, scaleability and easy to use software combined with unparalleled customer service and technical support have made them the preferred choice for universities, national laboratories and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. If you are looking for a synthesizer, then talk to us to see how we can help you find the ideal synthesizer to match your needs.

Finally, all of our synthesizers come with BioAutomation's superior world wide technical support and experienced customer service. All field service engineers have hands on oligo synthesis experience and are capable of answering application specific questions in order to achieve customer success after the synthesis purchase.

MerMade 192E
The new standard in high-throughput oligonucleotide synthesis. Based on 12 years of customer feedback, the industry standard MerMade 192 has evolved into the MerMade 192E; a faster more economical machine for primer synthesis and gene building markets. As the applications of genetic analysis, PCR-based, and other probe-based hybridization assays expand, so does the need for oligos. The solution? The MerMade 192E Synthesizer. Designed for production level environments, where the need for flexibility is high, tolerance for down time is low, and bench space is limited.

MerMade 8
The MerMade 8 was designed with simplicity in mind. With a quick set-up time and preset protocols the MerMade 8 simplifies your need for high quality oligo synthesis. Requiring minimal operator input, the MerMade 8 takes the guess work and pitfalls out of DNA/RNA synthesis. An excellent replacement for dying ABI Luer Column Synthesizers such as the Expedite and 39x series.

MerMade 6 & 12
The MerMade-6 & 12 Oligonucleotide synthesizer is designed and priced for low throughput synthesis at a low cost. This 6 or 12 column machine offers a wide scale range (50nmole to 200micromole) and In Line Trityl Monitoring (up to 12 columns) at about the same price as competing 4 column machines on the market. Offering much more flexibility and speed this DNA/RNA synthesizer allows the operator to add and remove columns at any point during a run and to synthesize different scales and chemistries on each column, while not wasting reagents or time. All MerMade's come equipped with 10 amidite ports (expandable up to 20) and a dedicated Thio position.

MerMade 192X
The MerMade 192X Oligonucleotide synthesizer is designed to synthesize DNA, RNA & LNA oligonucleotides in a column format using standard or modified chemistries. The 192X uses a proprietary reagent dispense manifold which allows up to 8 reagents to be delivered in 8 channel format using only 17 valves. The 192X also sets a new industry standard by being the first synthesizer with 30 amidite ports.